Broadloom Carpet

Broadloom Carpet Flooring

Broadloom carpet, otherwise known as rolled goods, has truly stood the test of time. From Nylon, Olefin, Polyester & wool face fibers/yarns, there is a product that fits a wide range of settings & budgets. According to The Carpet and Rug Institute carpet accounts for 48% of the total US flooring market. Broadloom carpet can be installed using adhesive or stretched in over padding. Broadloom carpet is also used to make area rugs & is primarily used when carpeting stairs. Carpet in 6’ widths or wider is considered broadloom.

Benefits of Broadloom Carpet

Budget Friendly

With the introduction of synthetic yarns & broadloom tufting machines in the early 1950’s, manufacturers were able to mass produce high quality, yet affordably priced goods.  The explosive growth of carpet sales that following in the US allowed for further development of tufting machines & fibers, resulting in both higher quality & less expensive carpet. 


Because of the various yarns available today, along with dye techniques, broadloom carpet is extremely versatile when it comes to color possibilities & durability.  For example, nylon fiber is abrasion-resistant, durable & has excellent colorfastness.  Olefin fiber resists fading & generates low levels of static electricity, while natural fibers such as wool reduces soil visibility & is largely self-extinguishing when burned.   

Easy Cleaning & Care

Regular vacuuming & periodic deep cleaning are the basic guidelines for carpet cleaning.  This can offer an advantage when compared to some hard surface floors such as VCT, which needs to be regularly buffed, stripped & re-waxed. 

Popular Industries for Broadloom Carpet

New Construction

Savings in initial construction costs can be significant when broadloom carpet is installed, largely because it is unnecessary to install finished subfloor materials prior to installing carpet.  In addition, the total life cycle cost makes it an attractive selection as compared to other materials. 

Office Space

Aesthetics, thermal insulation, acoustic properties, safety & ergonomics make broadloom carpet a go-to choice for office spaces.  Carpet is also widely recognized for a great first impression and can enhance the feeling of quality in an office setting.  Carpet also reduces the incidents of slips & falls and will provide a cushion if a fall does occur. 


Great emphasis is placed on the ambiance when specifying flooring in the hospitality market.  With carpet being the focus of beauty & design, it can transform the feel of the establishment.  Bold colors, large scale patterns & borders are many times used in lobbies, corridors, conference spaces, as well as many other areas.  Broadloom carpet is also used to make area rugs which can further elevate the appearance of certain areas.  

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The backing selected, or “backing system” can greatly increase the durability & longevity of the product. Standard “actionbac” is the most budget friendly, while upgraded backing materials such as “unitary” backing or “attached cushion” can provide dimensional stability & moisture barriers.
In some cases, yes. Carpet can be installed over some resilient flooring materials. This is a solution that can potentially alleviate the need for challenging removal of asbestos containing tile. In general, if sub-floors are sound & prepared properly, broadloom carpet can be a great solution providing cost savings when it comes to demolition related expenses.
Frequent vacuuming is the primary defense to keeping carpet cleaning and achieving longevity. Proper cleaning will keep carpet looking great & also improve indoor air quality. Cleaning spots & spills immediately, having a professional interim maintenance program & utilizing effective entry mats will keep your carpet at peak appearance for years to come.

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