Vinyl Composition Tile

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) Flooring

Vinyl Composition Tile – VCT floor tiles are durable, easy to maintain, and offer multiple layout pattern options. VCT tile flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas including retail, education, healthcare, and office buildings. It is an entry-level resilient product which will meet the requirements of tight budgets while offering customizable style options.

Benefits of Vinyl Composite Tile

Modular Flexibility

With a variety of shapes and styles for tiles, everyone can find a design to match their building aesthetic.


VCT flooring is designed to withstand heavy foot and rolling load traffic. It is also water-resistant, meaning you can use it in bathrooms and kitchens without worrying about spills.


Many vinyl composite tiles are economical, making them more affordable than other flooring options.

Popular Industries for VCT Flooring


Vinyl composite tile is the most popular surface to use in educational facilities. The low initial costs, as well as the many color and design options, meet perfectly the needs of schools and daycares.


VCT flooring is resilient in high-traffic areas, which is a massive benefit in medical buildings. Additionally, it is often inexpensive to install, making it a popular choice for larger surface areas found in hospitals, medical offices, and urgent care facilities.


The durability of VCT, combined with its array of design options, makes it a popular choice for office spaces. Installing your choice of vinyl composite tile will give your office a professional feel in high-traffic areas like lobbies and breakrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

VCT is a composite material mixed of natural limestone, filler materials, thermoplastic binder and color pigments.
VCT is a durable, water-resistant, stain-resistant flooring that is designed for daily mopping.
The longevity of VCT flooring is primarily depend on how you take care of it. If installed and maintained correctly, it can last upwards of 10-20 years.

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