Heat Welded Sheet Vinyl

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl, specifically heat welded sheet vinyl, is a popular choice in healthcare settings, especially acute care spaces such as hospitals. When sheet vinyl is heat welded (thermally fused seams) at the seams, it essentially becomes a “seamless” flooring & therefore impervious to moisture.  It can also be flash-coved up the wall to create a more sterile environment. Sheet Vinyl also helps with mobility of patient beds, challenges of cleanability, and can even contribute to infection control. 

Benefits of Sheet Vinyl

Infection Control

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has said that some airborne diseases can be spread by foot traffic.  Especially now, with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, great attention has been given to the infection control in the healthcare setting.  Once heat welded & flash coved, sheet vinyl becomes monolithic, making it easier to clean/remove pathogens by keeping them on the surface.  


Commercial flooring must stand up to heavy rolling loads & high traffic.  The current technology being used to manufacture sheet vinyl can give the product added resistance against denting, scratching & staining.  Many sheet vinyl products today are homogeneous, meaning it is a single layer of the same mix of materials creating a through pattern which aids in hiding wear & tear.   

Popular Industries for Sheet Vinyl


Due to the variety of visuals, monolithic nature, cost-effectiveness & performance characteristics, sheet vinyl is always a top choice in a healthcare environment.


Sheet vinyl is softer underfoot than a product such as VCT (another popular choice in Education) & with the heat welded seams it’s ideal to use in areas such as cafeterias, art rooms or science labs because it is easy to wipe up moisture from the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Sheet vinyl is often available in many widths reducing the need for seams in many instances. Although 6’ is a relatively standard width, many products are made in 12’ & 9’ widths as well.

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