Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) / Plank (LVP)

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) / Plank (LVP)

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) can look like wood, stone, ceramic, and many other finishes and textures. Corridor Flooring Associates offers luxury vinyl tiles in nearly any color and pattern, so you can find a style that fits your taste. We also provide unique installation for custom floor designs.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Modular Flexibility

Luxury vinyl tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering freedom of design giving depth and texture to your space.


Luxury vinyl tile holds up in high-traffic commercial areas. It is also water-resistant, meaning you can use it in bathrooms and kitchens without worry about spills.


Many of our luxury vinyl tiles are made with recycled materials, making them more affordable than other flooring options.

Popular Industries for Luxury Vinyl Tile

Corporate Offices

The look and feel of your office space can say a lot about your business, and you want to make a good first impression. Installing your choice of luxury vinyl tile will give your office a professional, stylish feel in high-traffic areas like lobbies, meeting rooms, breakrooms, and elevators.


Stylish luxury vinyl tile adds warmth to medical facilities including hospitals, medical offices, urgent care, x-ray centers, and assisted-living facilities. In addition to style, LVT is tremendously durable, non-slip, spill resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.


Luxury vinyl tile works perfectly for department stores, shopping centers, and other retailers. In these high-traffic areas, wear, damage, and spills are unavoidable – you need a flooring option that stands up to the stress and delivers easy clean-up.

Gyms & Sports Facilities

Most luxury vinyl tiles are moisture resistant, which means easy cleanup in exercise and wellness facilities. Contact us to learn more about our LVT collections that don’t compromise on style or durability.

Multi-Family Housing

Install luxury vinyl tile in your townhomes, condominiums, and apartments for a stylish yet durable flooring option renters will love. Luxury vinyl tile is inexpensive to install and maintain, and it holds its value as tenants come and go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Luxury vinyl flooring combines the click-lock installation technique of laminate flooring with the waterproofing properties of vinyl. Luxury vinyl flooring is available in semi-rigid planks (LVP) or tiles (LVT).
All vinyl flooring materials are water resistant due to their primary composition of PVC. However, the installation quality may have an effect on their water resistance.
LVT flooring have a lifespan of between ten and twenty years, depending on the quality and how they are placed and maintained.

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