How To Maintain Beauty Within Your Commercial Space

How To Maintain Beauty Within Your Commercial Space

How To Maintain Beauty Within Your Commercial Space

It is always a very exciting time when a company moves into a new location or renovates an old one.  High morale can be created amongst employees, management, and clients or customers.  If the space is owned by the company or tenant improvement dollars are entrusted to them, they may have a lot of autonomy to decorate or create as they please.  The business owner may want luxurious, fresh walls that are vibrant and inviting.  Some businesses may choose to hang an exquisite chandelier, artwork, or even adorn their location with a fountain or fish tank.  

Flooring is eminently important when designing or improving a commercial space.  The flooring is oftentimes the first thing seen by a visitor.  It can create a feeling of openness, community, or warmth.  Floors can be artistic, sensible, even symbolic.  There is a floor in the Guggenheim Museum in Spain that is actually a valuable and large painting.  Its artist made it an enchanting shade of blue, that makes the observer feel as though they are walking on a clean, refreshing swimming pool.

Floors need to be maintained.  The journey doesn’t end with installation of commercial flooring.  A quality maintenance and cleaning schedule will help ensure the longevity, stability, and pleasant appearance of commercial flooring.  Choosing a top-class commercial flooring company is the first step in the process.  Generally, a business will be better off if they can find a trustworthy company that is proficient in both commercial flooring installation and commercial floor cleaning and maintenance.  No one will better know the specifications of what is needed to properly maintain the floor.  

It is best to be very organized when maintaining a commercial floor.  An organization may decide their internal staff can handle some of the cleaning and maintenance, but they may outsource some of the interim maintenance and restorative cleaning.  With carpet cleaning, light traffic areas should be vacuumed once or twice per week minimum.  Although some smaller retail operations prefer a daily vacuum.  Of course, commercial carpet areas that see heavy traffic might be vacuumed more than once per day.  Spot cleaning is recommended as soon as a spot is seen.  If a company is small or mid-sized, they may have internal staff that takes care of these maintenance tasks.  Professional commercial carpet cleaners are needed for other services.  It is recommended that commercial carpet cleaners handle Interim maintenance and restorative cleanings.  These will be administered less frequently than standard vacuuming.  

Commercial floor cleaning companies also advise a strategy of limiting soiled areas.  It is much easier to clean small areas and maintain that new quality elsewhere.  Many organizations have mats near the entrance.  This can help trap the up to 80% of total soil in an office that ends up within a dozen or so feet of an entryway!

Pests are other obstacles to keeping a clean, elegant new look with your commercial carpet.  Pest control is always a strategic measure when trying to maximize your facility investments.  There are other factors and deterrents to maintaining an extraordinary indoor space and commercial floor.  Performing regular maintenance, tasks shared possibly by both your internal staff and a professional company, is not only ideal but necessary.  Use a renowned company, such as Corridor Flooring for all your design, installation, and maintenance needs.  Corridor Flooring is a well respected Baltimore and Washington based commercial floor cleaning company that has been in business for decades.  The owners and management cannot emphasize enough the virtues of a well maintained floor, and thus a beautiful and extraordinary commercial space.

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